Gered Gereedschap is a nationwide Dutch organisation who collect and refurbish discarded tools for the benefit of small-scale projects in developing countries. With the aim to assist people to become self-reliant and earn an independent income

What projects can apply?
Gered Gereedschap only supports projects in which the target group itself takes the initiative and remains active in preparation, decision-making and implementation of the project.

Gered Gereedschap prefers to support education programs and projects that meets the demand of the local (labor) market. Schools and projects that promote entrepreneurship and guide youth in this after their training will be highly appreciated. Preference is also given to gender oriented projects and projects aiming at marginalised groups, co-operatives, ecological awareness and environmental protection.

Which countries?
The focus countries are: Cameroon, Uganda en Tanzania. Organizations working in this countries can apply for tools.

What tools?
Gered Gereedschap delivers especially small hand tools and power tools for the following areas:

- carpentry and joinery
- metalwork
- auto mechanics
- building and construction
- sewing
- plumber
- electrical works
- shoemaking

Gered Gereedschap never gives financial support, agricultural implements or household appliances.

Transport and import duties
Gered Gereedschap provides transport free of charge of properly packed tools to the nearest international harbour. For landlocked countries, the overland transport to a capital city can be covered as well.

The applying organization is responsible for the costs of customs clearance and transportation to the final destination. Gered Gereedschap does not provide, nor mediate in costs for insurance, clearance, storage and/or local transport.

To apply for tools, you must first complete the quick scan application form. You can reach the digital form by clicking on the link below. When you pass the quick scan, you receive an invitation to do an official request for tools.

The official request must be submitted before the end of August. We will review all the applications before November. Each organization will be notified in November if they receive tools in the next calendar year or not.

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