General Information

Gered Gereedschap is an organization that encourages and professionalizes craftsmanship in Africa. With the aim to make people self-reliant. More information about our work can be found in the following presentation.


General information Gered Gereedschap
Gered Gereedschap has four statutory objectives:
- Promoting self-reliance and independence of people in the Netherlands and in developing countries by means of collecting, refurbishing and reuse tools and sent these tools to the target groups. ‘The tools’ is intended in the broadest sense of the word: for work and training related to a self-reliant and independent life;
- Promoting sustainable reuse of tools;
- To promote the social participation of people with a distance from the labour market, and promote the use of volunteers for the purposes of the foundation.
- Transfer of information, knowledge and experience in the Netherlands and developing countries in relation to the objectives of self-reliance, sustainable reuse of tools and social participation.

Mailing address: postbus 3767, 1001 AN, Amsterdam.
Visiting address: M van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 60-A, 1054 SP, Amsterdam.
Phone: +31 (0)6 14 23 05 18

Board members
Bob de Koff, chairmen
Arend Stemerding, secretary.
Peter van den Berg, treasurer.
Evelien van der Voorde
Anna van Lang